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PhD Global Health Publications

Below is a sample of publications arising out of PhD Global Health student research and theses:

Alavi Y,  Jumbe V, Hartley S, Smith S, Lamping D, Muhit M,  Masiye F, and Lavy C. (2012)  Indignity, exclusion, pain and hunger: the impact of musculoskeletal impairments in the lives of children in Malawi. Disabil Rehabil PMID 22409227

Bradley, S., Kamwendo, F., Masanja, H., de Pinho, H., Waxman, R., Boostrom, C. & McAuliffe, E. (2013). District health managers’ perceptions of supervision in Malawi and Tanzania. Human Resources for Health 11(43)

Chirwa, M., Thomas, S., Kazanga, I. & Faedo, G. (2013). Promoting universal protection: contracting faith-based health facilities to expand access- Lessons learned from Malawi. Health Research Policy and Systems Journal

Gilmore, B. & McAuliffe, E. Effectiveness of community health workers delivering preventive interventions for maternal and child health in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review. (2013) BMC Public Health 13:847

Gilmore, B., Vallières, F., McAuliffe, E., Tumwesigye, N.M. & Muyambi, G. (2014) The last ones heard: the importance of an early stage formative evaluation for programme implementation. Implementation Science 9:137

Kalua K, Masiye F, Jumbe V, Barrows J, Sheffield V. (2013) Finding community solutions to improve access and acceptance of cataract surgery, optical correction and follow up in children in Malawi. PLos One, Vol. 5, No. 10, 1533-1540.

Hand, K. & MacLachlan, M. (2012). An unequal balance? The effects of unequal pay systems on societal motivation in Ireland. Special Edition of the Irish Journal of Psychology, 33(2-3), 129-136.

Hand, K., Carr, S.C., & Maclachlan, M. (2015). Stepping up, by stepping out: Sustaining humanitarian work psychology. In Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Millennium Development Goals (Maynard, D., Mc Wha, I., & O’Neill-Berry, M. eds). Psychology Press: Oxford.

Hevey, D., Hand, K., & Maclachlan, M. (under review).  Happiness in texting times. Cyberpsychology, Behaviour & Social Networking.

MacLachlan, M., Hand, K. (2013). Happy Nation? Prospects for Psychological Prosperity in Ireland. Liffey Press. Ireland.

Mannan, H., Boostrom, C., MacLachlan, M., McAuliffe, E., Khasnabis, C. & Gupta, N. (2012). A systematic review of the effectiveness of alternative cadres in community based rehabilitation. Human Resources for Health 10(20).

Mfutso-Bengo JM, Manda-Tylor, L, Jumbe V, Kazanga I, Masiye F. (2014). Malawi. In Henk AMJ ten Have and Gordijn B. (eds.), Hand book of Global Bioethics (pp 1271-1287). Springer.

Mlambo, M.G., Peltzer, K., Koivu, A. (2014) Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV data completeness and accuracy assessment in health facilities of the Nkangala District’, Health SA Gesondheid 19(1).

Mugambe, RK., Larkan, F. & Tumwesigye, NM. (2014). Access to and perceptions towards water, sanitation and hygiene: a case of HIV/AIDS affected and non-affected households in rural Uganda. Journal of Public Health 22(1), 287-296

Mugambe, RK., Tumwesigye, NM. & Larkan, F. (2013) Barriers to accessing water, sanitation and hygiene among people living with HIV/AIDS in Gomba and Mpigi districts in Uganda: a qualitative study. Journal of Public Health 21(1), 29 – 37.

Vallières, F., Hansen, A., McAuliffe, E., Cassidy, E.L., Owora, P., Kappler, S., & Gathuru, E. (2013) Head of Household Education Level as a Factor Influencing Whether Delivery Takes Place in the Presence of a Skilled Birth Attendant in Busia, Uganda: A Cross-Sectional Household Study.  BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 13(48).

Vallières, F., McAuliffe, E., Palmer, I., Magbity, E., & Bangura, A. (2013).  Supporting & Strengthening maternal, neonatal, and child health services using mobile phones in Sierra Leone: A Research Protocol.  Harvard Africa Policy Journal 8, 46-51.

Vallières, F., Cassidy, E.L., McAuliffe, E., Isselmou, S.O., Hamahoullah, M.S. & Lang, J. (2013) Where are the gaps in improving maternal and child health in Mauritania?  The case for contextualised interventions: A cross-sectional study.  Pan African Medical Journal 14(97).

Vallières, F., Cassidy, E.L., McAullife, E., Gilmore, B., Bangura, A. & Conteh, M. (manuscript in review).  Can Sierra Leone maintain their Free Health Care Initiative?  The case for greater contextualised interventions.  BMC Health Systems Research

Vallières, F. & McAuliffe, E. (2015). Reaching MDGs 4 & 5: The Application of Organizational Psychology to Maternal and Child Health Programme Sustainability in Sierra Leone. In Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Millennium Development Goals (Maynard, D., Mc Wha, I., & O’Neill-Berry, M. eds).  Psychology Press: Oxford.

Wall, P.J., Vallières, F., McAuliffe, E., Lewis, D. & Hederman, L. (2015). The potential for mHealth in low and middle-income countries: What should programme implementers consider?  In Mobile Health (mHealth): Multidisciplinary Verticals. Taylor & Francis (CRC Press): Boca Raton.

Wirtz AL, Trapence G, Jumbe V, Umar E, Ketende S, Kamba D,  Berry M, Strömdahl SK, Beyrer C, Baral S. (2014). [Under review] Changes in HIV prevention practices and sexual behaviors among men who have sex with men with engagement in combination HIV prevention: results from a prospective feasibility study in Blantyre, Malawi. JAIDS

Wirtz AL, Kamba D, Jumbe V, Trapence G, Gubin R, Umar E, Strömdahl S K,  Beyrer C, and Baral S. (2014) A Qualitative Assessment of Health Seeking Practices Among and Provision Practices for Men Who Have Sex with Men in Malawi. International Health and Human Rights.

Wirtz AL,  Jumbe V,  Trapence G, Kamba D, Umar E, Katende S, Berry M, Stromdahl SK, Chris Beyer, Baral S.(2013). HIV among men who have sex with men: Elucidating HIV prevalence and correlates of infection to inform HIV prevention. JIAS, 16: 18742

Wirtz AL, Trapence G, Jumbe V, Kamba D, Umar E, Ketende S, Berry M, Stromdahl S, Beyrer C, and Baral S. (2013). Implementation of a comprehensive HIV Prevention Intervention for men who have sex with men in Malawi: assessment of feasibility and impact. Baltimore: USAID | Project Search: Research to Prevention.


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