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Do I get to select my supervisor or will I be assigned one?

Potential students are encouraged to apply to the PhD Global Health having identified a member of staff within Trinity they would like to have supervise their work. Ultimately however, supervisors will be assigned based on their aligned research interests and the supervisor’s capacity to take on additional PhD students at that time.

Do I have to teach or supervise other students while enrolled in the PhD Global Health?

There are a number of opportunities for doctoral students to both teach and co-supervise students enrolled in the MSc Global Health programme. This allows PhD students to gain valuable teaching and supervision skills as part of their doctoral training. Supervision of Masters theses is generally shared with a member of staff.

How many courses must I take for credit in order to fulfill the requirements of a PhD?

The number of compulsory modules varies across Schools and therefore the number of ECTS credits required to fulfill the requirements of a PhD are entirely dependent on the School in which you are enrolled. As a reminder, should you be invited to submit a formal application, you would enroll in the School where your primary supervisor is based.

What are the deadlines for submitting an application to the PhD Global Health?

Though PhD students can enroll at anytime, the selection committee meets twice a year - once in December and once in June. As such, if candidates which to be considered for the March intake, it is strongly advised that they submit their application by December 1st. For a September start, it is strongly advised that candidates submit their application by June 1st.

Am I permitted to have a co-supervisor from another institution?

A second, or even third, co-supervisor is strongly encouraged. Typically, co-supervisors are located within institutions in the country where the student’s research is taking place but may also be located in other institutions outside of Trinity College Dublin.

In 2014, the School of Medicine introduced an internal PhD mentoring system whereby a PhD student is assigned two mentors in addition to their appointed supervisor. These mentors will be chosen by your supervisor and approved by the Director of Postgraduate Teaching and Learning. Your supervisor will arrange a meeting with you and your two mentors at least once a year to review the your progress and annual report. Students are responsible for preparing an annual report based on the research study they have been undertaking.

Will I have the opportunity to study or work in other institutions outside of Trinity College Dublin during the course of my PhD?

Many of our PhD students spend time in our partner institutions throughout the world. This includes, but is not limited to, spending time in partner academic institutions in both low and middle-income countries, UN agencies, the private sector, and non-governmental organisations. As most of our students’ research takes places in resource-poor contexts, it follows that many of our students spend a considerable amount of their time outside of the Centre for Global Health.

What funding options are available to PhD students?

Unfortunately, there if very little funding available for PhD students. For current openings for funded PhD positions as well as a number of relevant PhD funding bodies please consult the Fees and Bursaries tab:

What if I do not have a background in Global Health, can I still apply?

As an interdisciplinary Centre, applications are welcome from individuals with a wide array of background as long as their research has a clear focus on the area of Global Health and the individual demonstrates a deep understanding of the principles and theories of Global Health research.

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