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Health Economics & Financing

Module Coordinator: Dr Steve Thomas
ECTS Value: 5

The aim of this module is to give participants an understanding of the concepts, applications and techniques of health economics and financing. It aims to inform students of the relevance and tools of economic analysis as they relate to health, health care and health systems.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Describe and discuss the basic concepts, tools and techniques of economic analysis and their application to health and health care
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge of the concepts of supply, demand and elasticity (with applications to health care financing and health promotion), the role of markets, the economics of health systems and health care financing and economic evaluation to global health

Module Content
Introduction to economics concepts
Supply of health care
Demand for health and health care
Markets and market failure
Economics of health systems
Range and features of health financing mechanisms
Techniques and tools of economic evaluation
Concepts and measure of equity

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning
This module, combines traditional lectures and e-learning, alongside self-study. Each student will be required to work on an assigned research topic over the term to apply the principles taught in the module. Formal interactive lectures, with group work, will run for two 1 ½ hours sessions.

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