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Determinants of Health

Module Coordinator: Prof Mac MacLachlan
ECTS Value: 5

This module will introduce students to some of the differing perspectives on the determinants of global health.  Our aim is to give some insight into how people in different disciplines construct, or make sense, of similar problems.  The disciplines covered in this module are one’s which make a contribution to understanding problems in Global Health. It is important to understand some of the assumptions different disciplines may be working with and some of the unique benefits their understanding can contribute.   

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify the distinct contribution of different disciplines to global health
  • Critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different disciplines and identify the opportunities and challenges of interdisciplinary work 

Module Content

  • Introduction - Prof Mac MacLachlan & Dr Michael O’Toole
  • Anthropological Perspectives - Dr Fiona Larkan
  • Psychological Perspectives - Prof Mac MacLachlan
  • Political Science Perspectives – Mr Patrick Theiner
  • Biological Perspectives - Dr Michael O’Toole
  • Business & Trade Perspectives - Prof Frank Barry
  • Environmental Perspectives - Niall Roche
  • Presentations & Participant Perspectives

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning
Each session in this module is divided into two parts - the first is Instructor-led, the second is student-led.  In the first part lecturers will present some basic tenets of their discipline and some examples of their implications in theory and practice for global health.  In the second part, students seek to ‘interrogate’ these ideas and to apply them to a particular topic in global health, with the support of the lecturer.
Students will engage in the first part as a whole-class group, and in the second part as a member of a Topic Group.  Topic Group membership will be assigned with each group having members from a range of disciplinary backgrounds.   The Topic Groups will be the same across all sessions, and group members will be tasked with jointly producing a 10,000 word report evaluating how different disciplinary approaches can contribute to the topic their group is working on.

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