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Media and Advocacy

Module Coordinator: Dr Ian Hodgson and Annariina Koivu
ECTS Value: 5

This module introduces key concepts relating to the critical study of the mass media, especially the relationship between media and health; and the essential components of advocacy, and the role of communication and media in successful health advocacy initiatives

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Understand some of the main paradigms applied to the study of mass media, and develop analytical skills and techniques for interpreting media messages
  • Critically discuss how health topics are represented in the news media, and how the mass media contributes to awareness of risk, danger and uncertainty around various health issues
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ‘eHealth’, and how information/communication technology are used in public health
  • Appreciate the essential components of advocacy, and the place of communication and media strategies in contributing towards successful advocacy outcomes for disenfranchised groups, such as people living with HIV

Module Content

  • Communication and the message: shaping information for the maximum impact
  • The media and media analysis
  • The role of the media in global health, and health/security crises
  • Consideration: what makes the news in health?
  • Health in the Information Age, and the implications of ‘eHealth’
  • Developing and expediting advocacy initiatives, and the centrality of communication and information management

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