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Media and Advocacy (CO7056)

Module Coordinators: Dr. Ian Hodgson
ECTS Value:                             5

This module introduces key concepts relating to the critical study of the mass media, especially the relationship between media and health; the essential components of advocacy, and the role of communication and media in successful health advocacy initiatives. The module draws on the Centre for Global Health’s affiliation with the international journal ‘Globalization and Health’ and the YouTube Channel ‘This Week in Global Health’ (TWiGH).

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Appreciate the essential components of advocacy, and the significance of effective strategy development to ensure maximum impact
  • Understand the use of communication in global health advocacy, and how core messages can be shaped to achieve the expected advocacy outcomes
  • Critically discuss the representation of health topics in various media, and how the mass media shapes the perception of risk, danger, and uncertainty around various health issues
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the process of creating content to be used on social media platforms including specifying a message, identifying a focused audience and developing content that can be delivered on existing platforms

Module Content

  • Communication and the message: shaping information for the maximum impact
  • The development and implementation of advocacy initiatives, and the centrality of communication and information management
  • The role of the media in global health, and shaping public opinion
  • Information and communication technologies, with opportunities for practical application for advocacy and messaging


  • The development of a short article (750 words) to use as an advocacy tool, and a critical appreciation of its anticipated impact on the intended audience (1750 words) (70%)
  • The development of short video content (30 seconds) for integration into an episode of This Week in Global Health and the engagement in the process of promoting that content and ensuring that the identified audiences get exposure to it through social media platforms (30%)

Guidance on both components will be provided during the module.

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