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Epidemiology in Humanitarian Emergencies (CO7049)

Module Coordinators: Dr Rosalyn Tamming
ECTS Value:                             5

Students will  gain  an  understanding  of  basic  epidemiological  methods  through their application  to  humanitarian  emergencies, including the pre and post emergency phases. This module builds on the Introduction to Epidemiology Module.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Describe the steps of an outbreak investigation
  • Apply key epidemiological concepts to humanitarian emergencies
  • Know the steps in planning, designing and analysing an epidemiological survey taking into consideration appropriate sampling methods
  • Understand the political and other implications of findings from epidemiological surveys or investigations

Module Content

  • Risk assessment
  • Surveillance
  • Outbreak investigation
  • Epidemiological indicators and benchmarks in emergencies
  • Surveys and sampling in humanitarian emergencies
  • Case studies in emergency situations

Indicative Resources
The module coordinator will provide recommended reading lists. lecture notes and additional materials will be posted on Blackboard. Students may find bringing a calculator useful.

Methods of Teaching and Student Learning
This one-week intensive  module  will  be  delivered  through  a  combination  of  lectures,  case  studies, individual and  group  exercises and real-life examples.  Daily  quizzes (on day two and three) will  be  utilised  to  assess  understanding  of  key  concepts presented the  previous  day.

Methods of Assessment
Assessment of this module will be done by daily quizzes and an end of module exam set by the Module Coordinator. The daily quizzes will be worth 10% each and the exam will be worth 80%. The exam will largely follow a case study format. Students may consult class notes during the exam but not textbooks or the internet.

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