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MSc Global Health 2012-2013

Ife Agboola
Research Project: A Qualitative Exploration of the Impact of HIV as a Chronic Illness, on Sexual Risk Perceptions of Young Adults (18-24) living in Lagos Nigeria.
Sahar Binsalem
Research Project: Motivations for, and pathways towards losing weight amongst Saudis in Dublin
Valerie Broderick
Research Project: A Study of the Experiences and Opinions of Interns in Irish Hospitals on the Feasibility and Impact of Task Shifting to Reduce Intern Working Hours
HeaYoung Cho
Research Project: Optimizing Brain Drain: A qualitative study on the contributions of Nigerian and Sudanese medical doctors living in Ireland to human resources for health in their home countries.
Lindsey Daudt              
Research Project: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Survey on Handwashing in Kikulu Zone, Kampala, Uganda: An Evaluation of the HED Project's Handwashing Interventions.

Ellen Fruitjier          
Research Project: NGO's perceptions of sociotechnical approaches in the implementation of Information Systems in Emerging Economies
Meghna Kanwar
Research Project: Barriers to the Uptake of Cervical Screening among Women from the Indian Community in Ireland. A qualitative study.
Jessica Knowles
Research Project: Microbiome Variance and Link to Increased Risk and Pathogenesis of Malnutrition: A Systematic Review
Sergei Moody
Research Project: Effectiveness Assessment of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Interventions in Preventing Diarrhoea Morbidity amongst children under five in rural and urban India and Bangladesh - A Systematic Review
Patrick O'Donnell
Research Project: A Qualitative Study of Medical Students' Experiences of International Health Electives to Developing Countries
Nelson Okonkwo
Research Project: 'It's never too late': Prevalence of Mental Health illness in an aging HIV population 
Angela Richardson
Research Project: Cross-National Comparison of Pathways to Mental Health Care in Middle Eastern Arab Countries: Utilisation, Help-seeking and Access to Services: A Systematic Review
Judy Sweeney  
Research Project: What are the experiences of children aged 9-11 who attended a support service in the mid-west of Ireland, following a bereavement, separation or loss?
Ashley White
Research Project: Factors Influencing Adolescent Pregnancy in the Cook Islands: Female Experiences

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