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MSc Global Health 2010-2011


Phil Beary
Research Project: Assessment of the Advocacy Campaign of the Egyptian Government and Non Governmental Organizations to Eradicate Female Genital Cutting Practice in Egypt from 1994 to 2010
Christine Chong
Research Project: Research Protocol for Exploring the Local Women’s Beliefs about the Piave Maternity Ward and Counselling Centre and Traditional Services in Nakuru, Kenya
Donna Kay Corcoran
Research Project: Add Men and Stir: A Case Study Investigating Teenage Pregnancy and Male Inclusion in Teenage Pregnancy Prevention
Stephen Dorner
Research Project: The Politics of Global Health in U.S. Foreign Policy: 2000 - 2010.  Rhetorical Framing of Global Health-Related Multilateral Agreements
Alexandria Hansen              
Research Project: Attitudes, Knowledge, Behaviour and Beliefs regarding Second Hand Smoke and Cigarette Smoke among Cardiovascular Patients in Ireland

Esther Khatibi          
Research Project: Patient Physician Communication: A comparison of how patient socioeconomic status and physician empathy affect the interaction.
Anna Mc Nally
Research Project: Examining the experiences of carers and parents of children with disabilities in Moshi town, Tanzania; a qualitative study.
Khaled Nasser
Research Project: Social Inclusion of Children with Disability
Frank Phillips
Research Project: An Evaluation of the Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability of the Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Approach in Liberia
Ashton Porter
Research Project: Infant Feeding Methods and Children’s Chronic Respiratory Illness Outcomes in Ireland: Is there an Association?
Alicia Spector
Research Project: Sitting Allowances and Risk Perceptions and Prioritizations: An Exploration of the Effectiveness of Development Programs in the context of Sitting Allowances in Balaka, Malawi. 
Lena Vorias
Research Project: An Assessment of the Quality and Appropriateness of the Maternal Health Services Provided by the Majengo Health Centre in Moshi, Tanzania.
Dorase Zulu  
Research Project: An investigation into the economic empowerment strategies employed by Zambia National AIDS Network, targeting women in Lusaka Province of Zambia.
Caroline Ryan
Research Project: The role of community based veterinarians in adopting a “One Health” approach to address neglected endemic disease in Eastern Province, Rwanda
Tambu Jamison
Research Project: An Exploration of the QOL of Parent Carers of Children With Intellectual Disability in West Dublin, Ireland

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