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MSc Global Health 2009-2010


Nasser Cherif Aidara
Research Project: Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course Supervision: An investigation into the knowledge and practices of community DOTS providers in tuberculosis treatment in the prefecture of Telimele, Guinea

Kristina Begoyan
Research Project: Comparative Study of Dentists Trained in the European Union and Outside of the European Union Registered and/or Employed in Ireland

Ciara Dempsey
Research Project: Access and Barriers to Health Services Experienced by the Hijra in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Aoife Healy
Research Project: An analysis of the inter-relationship between climate, nutrition and agriculture in Ethiopia

Ian Hodgson
Research Project: Vulnerabilities facing se workers and their children in Myanmar and Bangladesh: A Qualitative Study

Nuha Ibrahim
Research Project: Migration of Sudanese Doctors to Ireland: Push and Pull Factors

Nneka Abba Mba Kalu
Research Project: Social Barriers to Breastfeeding in Dublin, Ireland

Bonnix Kayabu
Research Project: Older People's Participation in the Decision-making process before moving from hospital to a Nursing home in Dublin

Jane Maddock

Clement Moonga
Research Project: The Role of HIV/AIDS Support Groups in Reducing Stigma and Discrimination in Choma District, Zambia

Sheila Morris
Research Project: Knowledge and Awareness of tobacco-related health effects amongst selected groups in Dares Salaam and Arusha, Tanzania

Sabrina Mullan
Research Project: HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening: A Survey of Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Female University Students (aged 18-29) in Mwanza, Tanzania

Kingsley Nwachukwu
Research Project: The Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in People Living with HIV in an Infectious Disease Clinic

Nathan Perkins
Research Project: Innovations in Emergency Food Security Interventions: Lessons Learned from Concern Worldwide’s Mitigation Programme in Niger

Laura Quick
Research Project: A multi-agency perspective on emergency preparedness and response from the 2004 Asian Tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia

Victoria Reccoppa
Research Project: Explaining the Gap in Sustainable Development Programmes in Bogota, Colombia: A Qualitative Study

Caitlin Rose
Research Project: Reintegration Initiatives and Needs for Formerly abducted Child Soldiers and Child Mothers in Northern Uganda

Sarah Techlenborg
Research Project: STI Risk and Prevention among Refugees in Long Term Post-|Emergency Phase Refugee Camps in Africa - A Systematic Review

Maneeta Uppal
Research Project: The Influence of Maternal Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Urban Child Health: A Mixed Methods Study in Mumbai, India

Frederique Vallieres
Research Project: A Community based Participatory Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rongai Constituency, Rift Valley Province, Kenya

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